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Hello Everyone,

Just been working on a logo, just to certify (to myself mainly) that is here to stay and not just a little online-phase that I’m going through. I’ve spent a few hours on illustrator creating a logo and this is what i came up with:

This is still the first early draft and will still be subject to change, however this is the foundation for the look that I am trying to accomplish.

Let me know what you guys think.

All the best,

New thoughts and Items

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Hey Bloggers,

I’ve just bought a new Western Digital Passport portable storage drive! with a carry case. Since my current passport drive is completely useless, probably all battered on the insides after living a harsh life in my bag of wonders lol.

I’ve also been thinking more about my content and what I can use and display on my website, all in relation to images and text, right now it’s more text than images. From that I’d see my site as a rather boring one! So…I’ll have to think of an attractive/ easy way of publishing my content.

Any ideas on what kind of information I’ll need before I publish an About Me page?

Let me know what you guys think.

Kind Regards,

Back on Track

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Hey All,

Just thought I’d write a quick post to wish you all a MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS! I’ll be sure to be much more punctual come the New Year! Lol!

Next, I also wanted to let you know that I am back on track with my web-template, I’ve changed some of the CSS and and a part of the web-template where I made some of the backgrounds appear transparent, to enhance viewer friendliness!

I’ve resumed the coding, and content and will be reviewing these both later on in the day, I need some sleep! Damn! I knew I shouldn’t have taken a nap, well you can always rely on good ol’ web design and developing to get you tired and have you falling back into bed in no time!

Good night friends,

Ren Q


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Hey All,

Such a major disaster has occurred! For the new layout I am in the midst of creating, there is a minor problem of getting the text to keep within it’s container that I set in the CSS without it having to run crazily over my layout! I’ll probably ask the WDF for some input and see what kind of suggestions they can make!

It has left me perplexed since the weekend started! Thinking if I leave it for awhile to think about it and take it on at the beginning of the week with a whole new approach! Why haven’t I thought of a resolution yet?! I must be thinking too hard! Well I’ve got to be if I want to have the site up by the beginning of the New Year!

Wish me luck everyone and hope that I figure a way to get around this problem as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

Quick Update

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Hello All,

As promised, here’s an update on my homepage design:

The first link “About” is in white as that will be the hover colour and the normal links will remain green, please let me know what you think about this layout. I figured that I’ll include a part of my site where if viewers are interested in the resources that I used to create the template for my site then they can visit the links page where I can point them in the right directions. What do you all think?

You can contact me here or just leave me a comment, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

Update on 2.0

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Dear Readers,

I wanted to keep you all updated on the new layout that I’m working on for my website. I finally finished working on the homepage (which I will be posting another screen shot of when I get the chance.

Following good feedback on the forums along with the useful feedback, I am becoming more and more hopeful that this layout will do much better than my current one.

I am now thinking of how I can publish myself on my About page so that I can make my page easy to look at as possible, I’ve started a thread about possible solutions so please visit that if you have any input or would like to read what other members have said.

I’ll start work on my first content page tonight.

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding my website.

Happy Holidays,

New look

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Hello Readers,

If you haven’t read my previous blog, then let me fill you in…

I’m currently on a trial basis fix with who are currently hosting my website I joined a great forum filled with great members and exciting topics, not forgetting the tonnes of helpful responses you get from them when you need help or advice.

Recently, I submitted my site and was advised to update my site and aim for a more modern look. With the extra urge and push to develop my skill, I’m now in the stages of creating my second layout to my website. Hopefully it will look much more easygoing and trendy.

The aims of my new layout are:

  • Modern
  • Better that the first design (site as it is currently)
  • Aim for a youthful age group 30’s age maximum.
  • Better colour selection/ simpler look.

I’ve attached a screen shot of my work so far, I know it’s not much yet, but nonetheless I would still like to hear your feedback. 2.0

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Good Morning All,

Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve now completed my first stage of created the layout and look of my page, though I’m still not sure what type of logo to go for yet, I figured that I’ll maybe leave the logo design for the time being.

I’ve actually adjusted to using textures and vectors now! I have absolutely no idea how I started using them because as far as I can remember, I didn’t know know how to use or apply the damn things. As well as finding out how people got those torn paper edges!? Now I know, don’t know how..but it all just clicked for me and before you know it, I’m a vector and brush literate, the magic feeling of self-taught skills!

Well, tomorrow after work begins the real job. Where i put the slices into their positions and get the page working online..I’ll probably get the pages to work first on my local machine then FTP it over.

Wish me luck!


New Theme

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Dear Readers,

If any, I’ve decided that to go for a re-make on the look of my website. Now that I actually have a place on the world wide web I can now start applying myself a lot more, since the initial site has been put up.

This is going to take me awhile and I will be learning a lot about CSS and investing some time in Apache and XHTML, hopefully at the end of it all my brain would not have turned into mush! I want to have a better layout as well so I’ll be putting a lot more effort into aesthetics where hopefully viewers will not find too displeasing.

Wish me luck!


Fit for a Web Designer

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Hello All,

I’ve been surfing the net to see if there existed a place (i.e. forums) where people shared the same interest as myself in web design and development. Here it is people a great site where web-developers and designers can all gather in one big huddle and geek away with great topics to discuss (or start your own), as well as making friends, networking but most of all, sharing the same interest to help each other develop.

Please visit Web Designer Forum.
My username there is “jusren” ,feel free to add me there as well dear readers and bask in the world of web design alongside many others who share the same creative eye and are willing to help each other improve, learn and develop their skills.

See you there,