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Time Flies by..

Category : Daily Thoughts · No Comments · by Feb 15th, 2009

It really does, and it always surprises me! Before my work placement I was stuck in lecture wishing for the clock to fast forward, but nowadays I find it hard to just get a hold of things and get a grip on my bearings! Time really is whizzing on by.

What I wanted to say in this blog was that I finally gave up with my self-struggle in waiting for the N97 to be released at the end of March, and so I have now upgraded onto the Nokia E71! I’ve always had my eye set on it but then the 5800 came in and that went away, then came the N97..but then that craving expired and so I unveil the news of my great upgrade! (Now I have no excuse of forgetting anyone’s birthday as this phone keeps me organised)

Time’s flying by and I really don’t know what I do when I get home..clearly it’s hasn’t been blogging..Look at the last time I blogged, it was at the beginning of this month, and now we’re half-way through. AHA! More news, I NOW WEAR GLASSES!! haha! that should add the extra 5% in my nerdiness to boost it up to a healthy 90% on my friendster account lol.

With the little time I managed to get I updated my Links page on my website with two new links before I got dragged away into something.

That’s all I have to say for now, drop me a line and visit my site at

All the best,

What I’ve Been up to…?

Category : Daily Thoughts · No Comments · by Feb 1st, 2009

Hi Guys,

Just thought since it’s a new month, I should make a new post just to let you all know what I’ve been getting up to when I’m not working on my website. Well guys, the thing that’s been taking up most of my time is work-work-work. Which is not a bad thing (it never was!) I’ve been working with some new languages and build a novice/ independant understanding of Javascript, (Classic) ASP, and ASP.NET. Another language that I would like to work with would have to be Apache.

I hope by mid-February, I can resume my website update as I’m still yet to update my site with a Portfolio page.

Was meant to get my upgrade awhile ago to get the Nokia 5800 but when I checked it out in the store it was pretty crap and would’ve been more like a downgrade than upgrade if I we’re to get it. I’ve figured that I should perhaps just wait until March to get the highly anticipated Nokia N97! another great n97 link here for you.

Just to wrap things up here, and let you know that I’m completely engrossed in my book “World Without End” the book is still and keeps on getting better! If you guys haven’t read it I suggest you do!

All the best,