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Another Update

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Today is the last day before Study Week/ Spring Break begins and I ended it with an Electronics test that counts for 10% of my final grade! So this meant quite a bit to me as I have no intentions of going through this re-take lightheartedly! This time round Ren is taking no prisoners! Thoughts on how this test went are positive and confident ones. I know I got a questions wrong but those questions I got right..I KNOW I GOT RIGHT! =) Thank goodness for work-experience (it has definately shaped my attitude) questions looked a bit more recognizable, as I remember coming across this class test on my first attempt and each question making me sweat more than the other. I’m glad that that was an experience I did not re-enact and have no intention of ever repeating again. All-in-all I feel that the test went well.

Right now I’m still in university waiting for my workshop to start so I have a good three hours to go before attending my hour long workshop. Yep, I know! I will have waiting three hours for an hour lecture! These we’re never being held the first time I took them so I figured I should make full use of the assistance that is being provided, plus I’m scared that what if one of the workshop questions pop-up in one of the exams?! I don’t want to be kicking myself thinking “..If only I attended this lecture, or that workshop and done this question..”

It’s been on my mind for awhile now that I start storyboarding my final year projects, and start refreshing my memory with some applications that I’ll be using or investigating in the use of other applications. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with good friends who are willing to help me out with casting and camera work..these friends of mine are the people who have helped me ddevelop my working attitude that I can always do better and havve helped me map out my limitations. Most of all, they havve always been there for me =) So a MASSIVE THANK YOU/ SHOUT OUT TO TEAM RASCO.

When the work scheduele begins to take effect with my final year project, I will be uploading my development work both good and bad so we can all see how things are going. Plus it will showcase my working diary for my lecturers to see the work that I’ve produced and gone through to give them my final pieces.

Gotta restart my machine now as Norton 360 has picked up a trojan.

Have a great Easter everyone.

Much love,

What do I do?

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..What do I have to do to make my site a lot more appealing? Surely the design and look of a site can only do so much for traffic. I really need to start thinking about what I look for in websites that keeps me visiting their site and always leaving feeling a lot more content. The effect I am looking for here to decrease bite rate. When I manage to free some time for my website, I think I might have to evaluate the content on my pages and lang pages as well.

Recently at work there have been a few colleagues who have shown interest in the websites that I generate for a website ( asking me about what certain terms mean in the stats generated for their viewings. This has given me the chance to actually learn answers to their questions and on the positive I LEARN SOMETHING NEW. As I’ve had to visit websites and find out what these termilogies mean and find out how they affect a website and it’s traffic/ viewing.

Why am I talking about statistics? I hear you asking me..Well my dear’ss because from these statistics I can find out which pages are showing to be rather popular andthose that aren’t. I can then look at the pages that are and aren’t popular and try and implement some good changes onto the boring (less viewed) pages. This is a term I hope I managed to use in the correct term is called “Optimization”. If I’m wrong please correct me and I will be glad to change this.

Stay tuned for probable changes on my website viewers. I now have a practical to attend to.

Keep well and have a great weekend.

Before I Forget..

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I should do this blog right now before I get lumbered with another job or before I get carried away with Street Fighter IV. I’ve been meaning to post a blog ever since the month started and make a few more adjustments to my site although work has been taking up my time and keeping me busy, and by the time I get home all I want to do is just rest!

I’ve been learning more about Google Analytics (well more like what some of their terminology means like Bounce Rate and %Exit) I haven’t had much time to work on my website. I really need to think of a way to have returning visitors, my first idea was a blog to let students and placement students alike know what a placement student like me does, learns and gets up to.

With work I’ve been working with and CSS, I know for all you pro’s out there this is nothing difficult, but for a total newbie and hard to sink-things-in type learner, it’s keeping me on my toes. I’ve learnt about data-strings and data sources, so this is giving me a good insight into how Visual Studio works and what it does. I must say however, that I really enjoy this type of web-development. What I mean by this is the coding, the testing and the satisfaction of what you accomplish at the finish line. Be it javascript validation or classic asp form or creating an email form these are just a few things to draw from my experience with web development so far. I’m sure there are a lot more things that web development has to offer as well, so whether I come across it now during my work experience, uni, or when I’m working on random things for my own purpose. I look forward to learning more about development.

My placement is almost over, and I really want to start blogging as much as possible now so that I have something to look back on besides my notepad that keeps track of my daily jottings of things to do and other notes. Before I started my placement I really had no clue what I wanted to do with myself in the future, no sense of direction in terms of career plan and or how to achieve it. I had a few pre-concepts of what my calling was such as beat making/ sampling, post-editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and wanting to learn more about Adobe After Effects. I always knew that I had a thing for web-design and developing it, and so with my placement year, I was very fortunate to find a job that contributes to my web-interests and has nonetheless increased my desire to become a web-designer/ developer.

I cannot stress enough about how valuable I have found my work placement to be, which is why I’ve chosen to dedicate my third year final project to this iteration. It will be a short commercial that will be storyboarded, edited and filmed by myself (although I do have plans to have a few hands to help from a few talented minds of mine).

Once my placement is over and I get university out of the way, I have plans to do a masters. I don’t really know what kind of masters yet, so I guess I’ll have some homework to do when that time comes. I was thinking something more to do with web design/ development and delve deeper into this world and finding out more about what endless things are possible. Another course would be Visual Communications, for me I think this would be a very good way for me to achieve/ communicate better with the world through images, text and layout of a website. This would help me gain a better scope with what I want to achieve and how to go about it.

If you are a placement student, I would love to hear from you and how your experience is so far. If you were a placement student and have (or haven’t yet) graduated from uni, I would like to hear from you and tell me how it has affected you, your work and your employment credibility.

I better stop now before I start babbling.

All the best,