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Swine Flu Skank

Category : Daily Thoughts · No Comments · by May 10th, 2009

Hey All,

It’s been all over the news in media and now it’s making an impact on the music scene.

Take a look at this catchy song on how to use precaution against being infected with swine-flu.

Also, I’ve given up reading The Book Thief. You can see from Amazon that this book has been highly rated, and I’m afraid that I must be a part of another crowd that cannot share the same sentiment regarding this book. I’ve tried to pick up on it and hope that the chapters get better, but the story is just testing my patience, storyline is just not moving to the pace I like, that or the author is just poor at storytelling.

I need to read a new book, guess I still have The Kite Runner to read. I have high expectations of this book! People have been saying positive things about this book, I’ve been saving it for after I completed The Book Thief, but after that disaster, I’ll just move onto desert 🙂

Thoughts anyone?

Day After Ren’s Birthday

Category : Daily Thoughts · No Comments · by May 10th, 2009

Hey All,

Yet another blog from yours truly. I’ve got to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who messaged me on Facebook and sent me texts wishing me a Happy 22nd Birthday :). I feel the love people!

Yesterday was just a great day, spent with the one I love and family and friends! Perfect recipe for a perfect birthday! Not to mention the gifts haha =) That’s always a cool bonus!

I’ve taken quite a strong interest recently in photography, I see such great scenery, and colour surrounding me on a daily basis! It’s just a shame all I have on me is my 3.2mp Nokia E71 LOL! So I’m doing a bit of research on camera terminology like ISO’s, apertures, depth of field (that’s all I’ve picked up so far), if anyone can shed some more light on other things and make some newbie camera suggestions I’d be most thankful.

Everytime I post a blog I really do enjoy logging my thoughts, and looking back at the past, I am in search for a forum that allows bloggers to gather and talk about anything/ everything! A good chance to really push the boat out in the bloggers world.

Friday May 8th 2009 was the last day of university lectures and workshops for me, and all I have left waiting for me is an Electronics exam which I’ve been preparing for since last week. I don’t feel too nervous about it, I had a class test on that day and discovered what I really need to work on (figures that it’s material in the second semester that I’m not digesting too well. Optimism at the moment is at all time high! I’ve started revision much more earlier than I usually would and so it’s a great pat-on-the-bacck for me as well as being very satisfying, which means that the result can only be rewarding (right!?)

Better get back to fixing the navigation part of my website for the Internet Explorer! Wish me luck.