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Final Year!

Category : Daily Thoughts ยท by Oct 7th, 2009

Hey Readers!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I have been stretched thin for time these past couple of months worrying about a whole tonne of things! I figured I should blog to fill in the blanks from these past couple months.

I haven’t had much time to look at the update I’ve been working on for my website, I hope to work in small increments when I get the time! Everything right now is revolving around TIME

I’ve got my old job back which is great! Working with the same people and some new faces too! It’s awesome being back with people I got along with, and making my work that bit more fun. On the topic of work, I have also resumed my third and final year at university! I’ve got to come up with a final year project but when I try to conjure up some material I either pull a mind blank or I just can’t up with a storyboard that has enough mileage! It’s incredibly annoying when you can’t figure out what you want or decide which direction you want to go! Forcing myself to come up with a few ideas has caused me a few headaches, maybe my brain is still conditioning itself to deal with the ideas cogs tunning at maximum rev LOL!

I’m keeping ontop of things barely but I can go the extra mile to get me bacck on my feet, I just need to get my bearings (lord knows how long that’ll take me)

Just have to keep my eyes on the prize which is a 1st Class Honours Degree and keep winning the small fights!

Stay tuned for future updates,


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