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Category : Daily Thoughts ยท by Mar 6th, 2010

Hi Readers,

It has definately been a long time since I last blogged. Believe me, university has been keeping me very busy.

I just wanted to make this small blog to make it aware that recently I’ve been attacked twice by trojans/ malicious software.

The first one was Vista Antispyware 2010
The second attacked came disguised as Dr. Guard

Both of these malware’s installed themselves by fooling by giving me a popup telling me that my Internet Explorer needed web-access! I should’ve known that something was fishy but being late in the night/ early in the morning I did not bother to think it over.

Both of these attacks were resolved with the same software Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.

This software is an absolute life-saver, it’s proven to save my laptop everytime I’ve called upon it, and I’ve managed to avoid rebooting or doing a system restore on my machine.


Take care when surfing the web and if anything seems fishy, it probably is. Do not take the risk.



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