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Trying to get back into Photoshop *AGAIN*

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Here is an image that I tried to re-create with a tutorial that I found on The reason why I chose to do this tutorial was for two reasons.

  1. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to re-familiarise myself with Photoshop again.
  2. Was to find out how to make pretty stars in Photoshop so that I may use it in one of my other layout concepts. (Which I am currently having a mind block for!!)

Here are the results from the tutorial. I know it’s an ‘A’ I will be re-doing that part to form ‘R’ .

The results of my space lighting tutorial

I found this tutorial enjoyable and it also gave me the opportunity to find out about the Rendering filter that is used to generate clouds and lens flare. This tutorial was not too difficult and was pretty much straight forward and is not too time consuming (took me about 30 minutes, that’s because I am trying to re-familiarise myself with Photoshop! =P) I would recommend this tutorial if you are interested in stars and lighting, plus it’s really easy!

Thanks to for making this tutorial.

New Theme

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Hi All,

As you can see, I am using a new theme it’s name is Overstand.

I’m having a bit of trouble, customising it to my personal preferences. However you like the look of this blog theme, you can find it here from . There’s a plug-in here named “Get Custom Field Values” which I’ve never heard of and I need to get the grip of it so I can start adding images to headline my blog posts *sigh* Help me somebody!

If you are currently using this theme and are familiar with it, please drop me a line as I could do with some help customising this blog.



Almost Done

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As the title hints! I’m almost done with university, four years seem to have passed so quickly! The friends I’ve made and the whole experience has been unforgettable! Just two more teaching weeks left for lectures!

I predict this coming week to be a slightly stressful one! As I have two deadlines on Tuesday, I have a group project due in (stay tuned for that! As I intend on uploading it to Vimeo, if I think it’s good enough). Once that project has been handed in I will then have a class test to deal with . Although it’s a multiple choice test, the questions still have to be worked out with mathematics . Yup! final weeks of uni sure pack a punch! Just writing this on the underground, and will be uploading it as soon as I get home. (I have to upload from home because I’m using my itouch to do this post and I don’t have an iPhone.

Speaking of the iPhone, whose seen the 4g model! If not here it is: httpv://

If you wantto find out how the 4g was leaked click here to read how his leak came about:

Ahhhh it sure does look like a beauty. Not too long until my upgrade in August and I will have to decide between the iPhone (3gs or 4g if it’s out by then) and the HTC Desire. Decisions decisions!!

FINALLY!! – New Layout Concept has Arrived!

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So I went away last time with a grid system in mind, looked at a few online examples and applied the inspiration towards my layout.

Here’s what I came up with.

New layout concept for

Just take note that the colour scheme is not final and the header image is not the final one neither, I just haven’t decided on a proper image to use of myself yet.

Let me know what you all think.

<!– New layout concept for –>

New layout soon

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As you know I’ve been working on re-designing my website and had a professional web developer (Abid of review my previous design concept. He pointed out a lot of whitespace and a lack of visual hierarchy and suggested the grid system approach when designing a new layout. He showed me a link to the 960 grid system, this can be downloaded for numerous software, after downloading it and doing some research on how to use it as well as looking at examples of how other designers have designed their website according to the grid system.

I can definately say that as a web designer enthusiast it was an eye opener as it showed me a whole new approach that could/ should be used when implementing good web design.

Here are a few websites to wet your taste-buds and get your interests going, I hope you find them as useful as I did;

To download the grid system you can go to the 960 grid system page – at the top left of the page there is a download link, or you can select the platform you want to download your grid template for.

Here are some links that show you the use of this system:

Smashing Magazine – This shows use examples where the grid system has been used..(dare I say used effectively? :pardon: ..I think it was used successfully :blush1: )

Mark Boulton site
More from Mark Boulton – The preface (this leads to five sections)

Tutorial Blog – There is a resource of links that show the versatility of the grids that can help you produce a good visual hierarchy. – Tonnes of examples to inspire the grid user! ^_^

I hope you all find this useful, I sure did! Heck, as a designer (an amateur one at that) it was an eye-opener! :drinks:

P.S; Did not know you could add link titles! So when you hover over links, a title should appear for each link! YAY!

Version 4 of Website Layout

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Here is another design concept for my layout. I’ve been inspired by my blog design (made by Brad Mahaffey – to consider this minimalist design, the colour scheme is one that I’ve also taken a liking to.

It’s about time I re-designed my website and breathed some fresh air into it. I’m still stuck on what kind of content should go on a homepage? I’ve started a topic about it on Web Designers Forum. If you could contribute to the discussion here or in the forum and share your thoughts and opinions, I’d appreciate it very much as it would help me determine what I could do with my own homepage.

Let me know what you think of this layout so far. (Still in construction)

website layout concept


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Here I thought I’d do two things at once.

  1. Test out the Vimeo plugin
  2. Display one of my final year projects

Time for Greatness from Ren Jr on Vimeo.


Poet: Ainsley Burrows

Software: Adobe After Effects + Twitch plugin

Resources: Google and VideoCoPilot

First Post

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So this is my first post here on WordPress! What makes this post very special is that I took the liberty of installing it on my database (which I can tell you was rather meticulous), thank goodness I had this video to help me out.

I currently have another blog at blogspot which is That blog is a personal blog but for this one I intend on making it a more professional blog, one less casual but more related to work and the things I do with my work as opposed to random posts which is what my blogspot accounts for.

I am aiming to have my WordPress be a part of my blog and will begin editing this template as soon as I have a sketch in mind for how I was my re-designed site to look. My website is, it’ll be re-vamped soon enough..I just need to get some university work out the way first!

Full Platter

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Well, it’s almost time for the final year project submission in May and I’m becoming overloaded with work and stress! Two things that I dislike very much, well thinking about it now I prefer being overworked as long as I can keep up and basically minus the stress lol!

I showed my supervisor footage of a abstract trailer that I’m working on. There were some good points and bad points (more bad than good), and in the end it turns out that I will have to re-shoot everything!! I mean it’s good that I made mistakes now as I still have time to re-shoot. But the trouble begins with availability of the location being empty, the talent, and extra hands (soundman and location photographer).

That’s just one of my stress culprits! I can’t wait till I ride this one out! The satisfaction will be delightful at the end of it all!

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