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End of a Milestone

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Yes, well it’s practically the end of university for me now. I handed in my final year project on Monday which consisted of the following three items:

  1. My website –
  2. Time Typography – Time for Greatness
  3. Time (Abstract Trailer) – Time

What lies next for me is one exam that I have on 22nd June and after that I will begin to focus more on racking up more work hours whilst searching and applying for my career job! Speaking of jobs, I’ll be working on another project for a website that my friend got started on and so I will do my best to keep this blog updated with those events and especially with all this upcoming free time I’ll be learning how to create my own WordPress themes. My girlfriend got me the Smashing Magazine – Beyond the Blog book for my birthday. I’ll definitely let you know how I find the book! Fingers crossed that it’s not too difficult! Although PHP is a language I haven’t really worked with before :sweat: ..I guess nobody said this was going to be easy! Version 4 is now LIVE!

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Hi All,

Just writing to let you know that I’ve now made the changes to my website and given it a whole new breath of fresh air! I hope you all like it.

Please let me know what your thoughts are :nerd:

Many Thanks,

Another Layout Concept

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Ahhhh! I’ve been working on this for awhile! The reason why it’s taken me so long is because of the designers mind block! Then out of nowhere! The block is lifted and I come out with another design.

For my concept, I was inspired by simple minimalism. What helped me better envision this was a collection of black and white sites:

jusRen design conceptHere it is! My design concept, personally..I prefer this one as I feel I utilised the use of the grid system a lot better and I get a very good organised theme from it, or is it just me (trying not to be too biased 😛 ) You would have noticed that I have been posting a lot more about layout concepts, that is because my site is in dire need of a re-vamp.

I just remembered that I forgot to add the usual Copyright and footer navigation at the footer block of the concept. I will be adding this immediately and making another post just to update you all and give you a better look at how it will look.

For now however, let me know what you think of it so far.


Finished version of my layout You’ve probably noticed the little decor above the box “About Ren Q.” the reason I added this was to see how the design would look if I added this to all of the boxes. Looking at it here, I prefer it without the decor.

Clean design concept of my web site.

Next here is how the concept looks without the circles above the “About Ren Q.” just so you can get a better look at a finished product.

What do you think?