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Well, now that’s university is done with, I’m now moving onto the next chapter of my life. This can consist of two things. Working towards finding my career whilst saving up for a masters course. Whichever happens first either I find my career before my masters course or I go for my masters before I land my career job, I’ll be happy with either one.

So far I’ve got two freelance jobs, both clients were referred to me by a close friend. These are very new experiences for me as I’m not too familiar with the working method of a freelancers life. I’ll get use to it overtime. Both of the projects I’m working on are very interesting and I have taken interests in how my clients will further themselves in the commercial world with a website drivin them.

It’s up to me to have faith in my abilities and open mind to be able to adjust to situations and problems (though none have occured yet, thank goodness :dance: )

As I raise my Robinsons orange juice, I propose a toast to all freelancers whatever your profession and wish us all the best in our endeavours!

Time Flies!

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Wow! Just as my post title indicates! Time sure does fly! You’d think that after making a short film and typography on the subject, I’d be a little bit more appreciative about how I use it! :silly:

I got my university results last week and after four years of studying Media Technology and Kingston University, I came out with a 2.1. I’m very proud of my result as it’s a very respectable grade. I took pride in my work and I’m glad that I got a good result, although I was aiming for a First, but this goes to show that if you aim for the highest goal then only great results can be expected! Congratulations to everybody on the course! I’m very happy that you made it to the finish line as we all could not wish for this day to come although, thinking back to it now..I miss those days as I was so use to taking orders and being told what to do, whereas now I am now in the real world and will have to find my own path and set my own objectives.

With that said, here’s a poem I Googled on how Time Flies:

time flies
by Milton Handfield

Wednesday, May 06, 2009
Rated “PG” by the Author.

Time is a scarse commodity, that in so many ways,so often, is taken for granted. Cherish, enjoy and make the best of what you are given.

Time flies by so swiftly without making a sound
travelling on a course that no one can determine
moving even when we are asleep in the night
unravelling mysteries for the eyes to behold

some people watch  as it goes by
while others make provisions while the sun shines
the wise take heed and are aware
when others squander theirs and dont care

before you know it you are old and gray
reminiscing on the good  times you  had
or sitting in your rocking chair,  regreting the chances you didnt take
or   gramacing from aches and pain; from life’s jounrney
That we have travelled;

sometime i wonder why time flies so fast
but i can never come seem to produce an answer
only to realise that time is a master
ruling the old and the young, and everything else on the earth