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Long time, No post!

Category : Daily Thoughts · No Comments · by Aug 20th, 2010

Hi readers,

I haven’t made an entry in such a long time, probably because I haven’t had much to say or enough time to actually make a post! Nonetheless, I’m posting now! I have a new phone, the HTC Desire! Yes it rocks! I’m actually making my first post using it right now.

I made an unboxing video for it and failed quite terribly. I’m still deciding whether or not I should upload it onto Facebook.

Html 5 has been out due awhile and I still need to try it out, I’ve read great things about it..I just need to get gritty with it now!

Still doing some freelance work whilst working part-time! Oh the fun never stops!

This day been my small update! Hopefully by then I’ll have better content and have some review of some sort ready about the HTC Desire!

Goodnight world,