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Come on Life!

Category : Daily Thoughts · No Comments · by Sep 20th, 2010

Hi Readers,

It definately has been a long time since I last posted. Let me start off first by telling you all that I’ve joing Linked In, you can find me here:

What is Linked In? – Click here to find out more.

Moving on, the search continues as I try to land myself a career. I’m constantly revamping my website and I just want to get my life out of this wondering abyss that I seem to be stuck in, which I’m sure many other graduates have fallen into. Talking about careers, I’ve just registered for the National Graduate Exhibition.

Click here to find out more about this exhibition.

Hopefully this will provide me with a lot of good advice and make some good connections, theirs also a CV clinic so you can have professionals look at your CV and they can help you improve the way you present yourself on paper (that should be very useful!!).

It’s early in the morning and I need to be in bed so that I can wake up tomorrow morning and get some more work done on my CV.

Goodnight all,