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Workout from 19/01/2012

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Ok so I finally found my USN Passport again, and found some good tips on how I can keep a good track of my progress for the upcoming 12 weeks. Before the challenge started I was already going to the gym using only the knowledge I got from P90x. Since starting the challenge in January, I’ve unveiled new found knowledge and determination. I’ve got a lot of support over at the gym I go to (Virgin Active Barbican) their staff are friendly and the classes (kickboxing, skiing and V-Core to name a few) are guaranteed to make you sweat and help you achieve the goals you need!

I mentioned before that I’ve unveiled new found knowledge and drive for my success, I’ve begun to take my workout and nutrition a lot more seriously and I’ve added structure to my workout in terms of targeting certain muscle on certain days of the week for my workouts as mentioned in my previous blog. Going to the gym I was able to curl about 14kgs for each arm and bench about 20kgs and ..those were the weights I stuck to with most of the workouts I done. Since implementing some creatine into the equation and maintaining a balanced diet, I’ve found that I can lift more at the gym and be more energetic outside the gym. I feel less lethargic, I’m more lively/ energetic (for those that already know me, you probably won’t notice the difference lol!) but most of all I feel better..healthier you might say!

Here is my workout from last Thursday (19/01/2012)

  • Deep squats – 3 sets 20kgs – 8 reps – on last set I pushed 30kgs;
  • Calf raises – 3 sets 30kgs – 8 reps;
  • Hamstring curls – 3 sets 20kgs – 8 reps – last set I curled 25kgs;
  • Lunges (with the barbell on shoulders) – 3 sets – 20kgs – 8 reps;
  • Leg extensions 3 sets 25kgs – 8 reps.

Most of these workouts are completely new to me and so I’m slowly working to increase the weights (if need be).

I’m playing catch-up really with my fitness updates, now that I know how to keep track at the end of every week I’ll aim to post something about my progress and workouts!


All the best!


No Gym Today!

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It started on Tuesday (back and biceps) during bent over rows I must’ve over stretched and my left arm just started feeling a bit painful. Knowing this, I didn’t think much of it and decided to carry on thinking the ache would soon wrong could I be?!

Once I arrived home I could now feel the effects of the muscle aches/ strain that I began to experience in the gym, although I could tell where the pain was coming from namely around my shoulder/deltoid.

For the past two days I’ve decided to do the right thing (don’t I always?! lol) and skip gym for the rest of the week, it’s always best to listen to our bodies and what it’s trying to communicate to us. Especially if I want to stand a reasonable chance of winning or at least making a good standing in the USN Body and Lifestyle Challenge, a little rest should allow my body to recuperate and get back into the gym fresh!

Well at least I know that my nutrition isn’t being affected!

Breakfast: Wheatabix

Lunch: Couscous and tuna

Dinner: Beef/ Chicken and rice

Snacks between these meals would usually be peanut butter & jelly sandwich or boiled eggs.

That’s how my nutrition is shaping up so far but it’s always changing!

Next time, I’ll have a different menu to show you all!


Keep fit, keep healthy and stay happy!


USN Body & Lifestyle Challenge

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Now that My blog is finally back up! I can now start a record of my progression during the next three months for the USN Body and Lifestyle Challenge.

One of my New Year Resolutions was to improve my health and physique. I can’t remember how I came across it the USN Challenge but since the beginning of 2012 I’ve been going to the gym after work everyday to make sure I achieve the goals I want.

With thanks to the P90x Programme I was able to adopt the knowledge about muscle confusion and implement it’s workout timetable into my own schedule. Three weeks into the programme and things are going well! I’m eating well, cutting out bad food and soft drinks and going to the gym every evening after work Monday-Friday. I was watching a youtube video (sorry, I can’t find the link) on Chest workouts and learnt about pyramid workouts and using it to break out of a plateau or just using it in general to confuse your muscles.

Here is my weekly routine:

Monday: Kickboxing

Tuesday: Back & biceps/ Abs

Wednesday: Chest, Shoulder and Triceps

Thursday: Legs/ Abs

Friday: Catch up on any workouts that I may have missed out Wednesday if I wasn’t able to target all muscle. OR Swimming

Saturday/ Sunday: Rest

Supplements that I’m currently using are:

Stay tuned for the next update!



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My blog is finally back online after so long!

What happened Ren?

Well, my domain and database went down and I was so busy with my internship that I didn’t have the time to sort out what was going on, eventually my host provider cleared my domain and databases that I had thus leaving me with no site and no blog! Thank goodness, before my last post back in Feb I decided to backup my database! Now that I’ve had some time to actually look into it, I’ve finally restored my blog! Hence the reason why you can see such a big time leap!


What’s New?

  • Firstly, I’ve now graduated from Kingston University where I received a 2:1 in Media Technology BSc.
  • I completed a 6 month internship as a Junior Graphic and Web Designer.
  • With my experience in the role above I was able to secure a role as Junior Graphic and Web Designer at Skrill Moneybookers.
  • I’ve played in two Dodgeball tournaments and won UK Dodgeball Championship 2010 and UK Dodgeball Playoff Champs 2010! I was very fortunate to make very awesome friends!

What can we expect?

Anything to everything! I lay it all out here! From design inspiration to my thoughts/ personal work . I’ve also created a new page about health and fitness. I’ve entered the USN Body and Lifestyle, part of my New Years resolution was to become for healthy, fit and sculpt a six-pack! Stay tuned for entries in that section, where I’ll be talking about my workouts, supplements, nutrition and motivation!

With all that said, it’s great to be back and I hope to have a better presence this time around!

*note to self – install smileys plugin*