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Rest & Injury!

Category : Health & Fitness · (1) Comment · by Feb 17th, 2012

Hi All!

Yup! I know I haven’t made a post in a long time but rest assured that I have been going to the gym every working day, up until that fateful kickboxing class on 13/02/2012! One of the last drills was to do bag rotations so that all pairs would get to rotate around the room practicing combos on the boxing/ kick and speed bags! On one of these rotations I must’ve thrown an awkward hook which forced my wrist to bend in a awkward way! Almost immediately the pain struck me where I literally thought a bone was sticking out (thankfully that did not happen!) I like to soldier through these things so I continued with the class not letting the pain get to me.

The following morning the pain in my wrist was so intense it woke me up and I was unable to get back to my dreamland! I found that any movement with my wrist was impossible (not to mention painful!) and required a lot of effort to perform even the simplest of tasks like brushing my teeth! Since then, I’ve had my wrist massaged, but I’m still finding it difficult to flex my wrist and maintain an open palm in certain wrist flexes…so it looks like I may have to visit my GP and make sure everything is okay.

On the plus side, this has given me the chance to give my body a good rest from working out so that my muscles will relax and so when I get back to the gym they’ll be in for some shock treatment, thus allowing me to develop more in my fitness and physique! I guess there is a silver lining in every grey cloud!


Stay tuned for the next post readers!