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My Progress Report

Category : Health & Fitness · No Comments · by Mar 26th, 2012

Well it’s coming to the end of my USN Body & Lifestyle challenge and I can definitely say that I’ve learnt a lot about myself and what I can really achieve with hard work and determination.

I’ve been able to lift a lot more weights, for example: in the beginning I was curling about 12 kgs on each arm, now I’m able to do 18 kgs in 6-7 reps and 3 sets!

Looking back so far I don’t want to sound to big headed or egotistic but looking back on how far I’ve journeyed I’ve continued to excel and improve my workouts! With the help of popular websites (will post soon!) YouTube fitness and bodybuilders such as Lee Hayward, Scott Herman and Rob Riches to name a few I’ve been able to progress and learn from these resources.

Nutrition has been somewhat difficult to maintain and I know I can do a better job. For the next three months it’s my goal to begin cutting and start sculpting away at my body fat and really get down to the core of my physique! I’m sooo excited! Throughout this stage I will try some new supplements from Optimum Nutrition and start a creative detox until the end of April.

Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll provide you with all of tue resources on sites and channels that I found to be informative and encouraging throughout my fitness regime!

All the best,