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Inspirational: How badly do you want to be successful?

Category : Daily Thoughts, Health & Fitness · (2) Comments · by Apr 14th, 2012

This is a great video I came across, it’s truly inspirational! This year I want to make a change, at work I’ve signed up to participate in the JPMorgan Challenge 5.6km run! I’m so excited to start training for it. Besides that, I’m also a keen gym enthusiast. I’ve just completed my 3 months bulking, and I’ve just almost 1/3 into my cutting phase. It’s videos and speeches like these that inspire/ motivate me to be the best that I can be, not only physically but also mentally, daily at work (basically everything!).

I know we all come across those days, moments or moods where we think we can’t do something or just put something on-hold for whatever reason! We temporarily lose sight of what our goal(s) are, which means we just sort of want to succeed, going for the videos below we’ve got to want to succeed as badly as breathing!

Let’s become greater now! Than we were 5 minutes ago!

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