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What I’ve learnt so far…

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During this re-design project for my website it always gives me the chance to learn new things and try new things out such as using HTML Boilerplate, paying more attention to typography (complimentary fonts, do’s and don’t) and CSS sprites to name a few things.

Throughout my time building up to this re-design I’ve been making mental notes of how I’d like to re-do my website and so far I’m pretty pleased with how far I’ve gotten. I feel that a designer should have there own approach to their projects and that when the more they keep their work personal and infuse it with their personality and passion then the more the designer will come to realise what their graphic representative actually is.

Sounds confusing right..I know! A bit hard to digest but I’ll do my best to explain using myself and my web portfolio as an example.

When I first started my website, it was fully of texture, bold colours and large fonts. After each re-design and applying what I felt most comfortable and happy with I began to notice just a while ago how much more minimal my work began to look. I hardly use a background image nowadays, I like to pay more attention to the font types that I’m using, and I love using a simple, minimal grid style!

I may not always get these things right the first time round but through each practice in each project both in freelance and office I learn something new each time.

What I’m curious to find out is what are your design approaches? What kind of design style do you think best represents your work?

I love web and graphic design!

Design within the browser

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Hi All,

Been a long time since I last blogged since I got quite caught up in my personal life, Facebooking and Instagramming. It’s time I got back in touch with my blogging web and graphic design side!

I was looking into different approaches that people used when designing websites and that’s when I came across an article from Josh Long regarding Web Design in the Browser

The article is basically about removing Photoshop from the design approach and simply getting your content out there first and then handling aesthetics second (fonts, colours, images etc.).

After reading the article it does make sense to stop designing sites within Photoshop. My reason for this is because the end product is a fully functional website and not an image, it’s going to be responsive to the end users activity and simply put it just does what it’s suppose to do. Another reason for this approach is best quoted from Josh when he says

Designing your content first and coding semantic, standards-based markup is the foundation of a great design and not something you approach as an after thought of Photoshop

Before I got into graphic design I was first introduced to web design, I understand the importance of having good clean coding and adhering to web standards it’s from these two reasons I can see why Josh has taken this design within the browser approach over having a Photoshop mock-up drafted first.

It’s definitely made me think about changing my approach to creating websites. It’s from this article I’m going to test out this approach by re-designing/ updating my online portfolio and see how it goes. One thing that I will be using to give me a kick start will be HTML5 boilerplate, I’ve never had the opportunity to use it so what better time to use it than the present!

Wish me luck!