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So a few weeks ago I joined went with a few friends on a cycling trip from London to Windsor Castle! The cycling ride from London to Windsor was about 30 miles which meant we’d be doing 60 miles in total for the ride back (obviously!).

I done the ride as a way to kick start my training for my July ride where I’d be cycling with the same group of buddies from London to Paris! Here’s a video that my good friend recommended for me to watch:

[vimeo 18682199 w=500 h=281]

LONDON TO PARIS (FULL VERSION) from Ladoja & Sons on Vimeo.

Back to the ride! Quite early into the trip I found each pedal beginning to become more challenging since I had just come back from Bulgaria and was still putting my body through a mini detox from the alcohol that was consumed during my time there. In addition to that, the day before the ride I decided to help my girlfriend with her workout routine and decided to do a mini squat – lunge – deadlift circuit this overall had an effect on my ride performance and felt the burn quite early on into the ride.

The weather was fairly warm with some crosswinds and we all know how annoying crosswinds can be! I began to slip from the group and worked at a reduced pace which I really hated since I knew I could cycle much more better and hold my own with the rest of the pack. Mikey and the others in my eyes were already veterans since they’ve all covered the London to Brighton distance as well as London to Paris! This trip nonetheless was one for training and I looked at it as a way to increase my endurance since it was my first long ride of the year. Throughout the ride I came across a lot of mental walls/ barriers there were times where it felt like I wanted to just slow down to a crawl and just take a 30 minute break but I wanted to prove to myself that I could push through and show myself that I could smash through the wall of limits and silence the voice of doubt in my head! 2 hours and something minutes later from London we all made it to Windsor! We couldn’t get into the castle itself since Princess Kate was there hogging all the space but we still managed to have a great time! We filled our appetite with a good ol’ fish and chips meal and went to a desert type diner where you could have a waffle and create your own toppings with any flavored frozen yoghurt! This would prove to be our Achilles heel on the ride back since it left some of the riders feel queasy to say the least!

In summary I was able to enjoy a great ride, make some new friends and get a good understanding on what I need to work on if I want to take my ride to Paris seriously and keep up with the guys! Since then I’ve purchased a Garmin Edge 810. I’ve moved from Endomondo and started to use Garmin Connect and Strava to track my cycling riding times, heart rate and soon to come cadence once I fit my new cranks.

Follow my Strava:
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Lastly, pay a visit to Mikey’s post on Fixed Gear London on his recollection of the ride:
Enjoy the pics! Most of the credit has to go to Mikey since he took most of the photos!

Safe riding, and enjoy the Bank Holiday.

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