Back from Paris

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Another update from myself! Again there’s so much for me to tell and share with you all! First of all a colleague and I have finally kick started our very own podcast! You can get links to our podcasts from. Our Facebook page! So make sure you like us and you can also follow us on Twitter. A little bit of background to our podcast and how we got started! First of all Adam and I are great podcast listeners! (More so Adam than I) Adam was listening to The Joe Rogan Experience and one day he shared a link with me and from there we started to exchange podcast links ranging from design, motivation, entrepreneurial topics and so much more! This all snowballed and we decided to start our very own podcast and wanted to cover two topics primarily Design and Fitness! Although, I should add that we aren’t totally fixed to these two topics since we want to cover a wide spectrum of things that will help all of our listeners and encourage us all to better ourselves and each other! I believe that this will be another opportunity for us to learn from ourselves and each other!

From my our 3rd podcast you would’ve heard me go over my trip to Paris! This was a fixed gear cycling trip from London to Paris! I wasn’t able to join the gang for the first half of the trip since I had to attended my sisters graduation! There was a small drama play that almost caused me to miss the ferry and trip altogether since I missed my initial train to Newhaven Town! God was definitely keen for me to join the gang since I managed to clinch the time and board the ferry just by the skin of my teeth! Thanks for being patient guys and a special thanks and shout out to the Newhaven Town Transmarche ferry staff for allowing me to still board the ferry and still wearing a smile! After that small scare we we able to sleep on the ferry all the way to Dieppe! From Dieppe we rested for a couple hours from 4am-8am! We didn’t manage to set off at the time we initially wanted to but when we finally got started we were firing off on all cylinders! Zipping down Avenue Verte in a peloton like formation and switching front man every hour or so so that we had a different person breaking head wind allowing us. Through the ride into Paris I spent the majority of it riding at the back of the peloton as backstop. My role as backstop was to make sure that no one fell back from the queue and if someone was started to break off from the pack it would be my job to see how they were holding up and catch up to the next man ahead and ask them to relay a message all the way to the front man requesting him to take the speed down a little bit just to let the back man catch up with the rest of the pack.

The weather throughout the ride was absolutely beautiful! The sun was beaming down and we were grateful for any shade we managed to pass through and at the end of the journey we all caught suntans and strong tan lines! Although some of us had stronger tan lines than others! As you can see from the pic below my tan was very strong!


Cycling to Paris allowed us to see some of the most beautiful sights and cycle through the most scenic routes! The journey overall felt so surreal and I was in such a dream and amped up state I didn’t feel too fatigued! Only when we were climbing an incline! As a cyclist I feel like I’ve proven to myself that I am capable of reaching such distances and enduring whatever obstacles came my way! I’m so proud of everyone on this journey and I’m so glad that I was able to share in this brotherhood and experience! There was a strong unity amongst the pack and we all encouraged each other! I just can’t wait for next year and see where we’ll be cycling to next!

Stayed tuned for the next blog and instalment from me guys!


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