Photoshop Dodge and Burn

So following on from my previous post about Photoshop Retouching I went onto the next technique of using the dodge and burn tool for when it comes to adding a bit more depth to photos. Right now I’ve only added retouching to models and just people, and somewhere down the line I’d like to look at retouching landscapes and scenic photos, but in this moment of time, I feel that I’ll make myself a bit more marketable with a bit more photo-shoot retouching skills under my belt.

Method 1

Before I get started and start showing you the photos, here’s the video that covered the first  method of using the dodge and burn technique:

Here’s the image that I used of Gal Gadot, you can also download it using this link:

Gal Gadot

What I recommend you do is watch the Dodge and Burn tutorial and try it out with Elena Jasic as she goes through, and decide which one you like working with the most, it might just be one it might be three or you might just get the hang of it all! The beauty of Photoshop is that there are a number of ways doing things and you can always get different results when you experiment, which is exactly what I got to do in this tutorial!

Here is the result I got after using Elenas’ Dodge and Burn Tutorial:

Dodge and Burn with Elena Jasic
Here’s the result that I got from the Dodge and Burn tutorial with Elena Jasic

Method 2

As I did mention before, there are so many techniques out there that you can use in Photoshop to get similar (if not better results) Here is the video from Michael Woloszynowicz on Mastering Dodging and Burning with 4 Techniques (Photoshop Tutorials)

Working through the examples with Michael he explains the pro’s and con’s of each method..let me rephrase that he explains when each method is best suited for use and the type of scenarios they’ll be most effective in. After going through each of the methods with the video, the technique that I prefer the most was the last one where Michael talks about his method of using high and low frequency. What I liked most about this was that you can use a number of layers for colour adjustments that will be used for either dodging or burning.

Here’s what I got:

My dodge and burn result using Michael Wolosynowicz's technique
My dodge and burn result using Michael Wolosynowicz’s technique

Both of the videos are great ways to get started in post-production photo editing if you want to give these a try feel free to link me your results!

Can’t wait to see what results you get!

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