Jiu-Jitsu: Train for Life


Since I started training Gracie jiu-jitsu, my mind becomes more and more self-aware and humbled by this gentle art. This is an amazing video that I just had to share about Caio Terra’s BJJ journey on how he got into BJJ, how he entered competitions, moved up the ranks and eventually earned his black belt (when you get to that part, that is the true message behind jiu-jitsu).

I absolutely love training jiu-jitsu because of how it completely benefits my life and lifestyle, I’ve only been training for 2 months but the time so far has shown me so much and I just want to reflect the awesomeness that it brings me onto others.

Enjoy the video, and keep on training to benefit yourself, the ones you love and help bring jiu-jitsu into peoples lives.

If you like the sunrise wallpaper that I used for the header image here is you can also download it here: http://wallpaperest.com/sunrise-above-the-clouds-nature-wallpaper-112825

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