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First week into Gracie Jiu Jitsu

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First week into Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Yes, after many delays and procrastinating I’ve finally taken the leap to learn Gracie Jiu Jitsu. This has long been…

X | The Theme

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This is a awesome WordPress theme that I will be purchasing in the very near future! Have a look for yourself at X Theme I’m not very good at coding on the WordPress platform besides handling basic front-end coding. This looks like it can help me re-design my blog and portfolio in so many ways. Yes, it’s a theme but given the amount of elements and features that it has you can truly achieve and retain your individual identity.

News and Reflection

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So much to tell! Well more like two really big things to tell you all about!

On Saturday 4th May 2013 after 8 years and 3 months with my girlfriend I finally plucked up the courage to propose to her and we are now undergoing preparations for our wedding! Even though the planning is a bit hectic right now, once we get our heads around the whole thing and understand what needs to be done it should make some things easier to digest!


On May 9 I turned 26 years old. This birthday felt different from the rest however!, I'm engaged and I've spent another happy year at my career workplace! Only now did I begin to realise how far I'm getting on in life, I've got a career and I've got the ball rolling with my fiancée on settling down and starting a family (eventually). I couldn't help but take a step back and take a look at everything currently in my life. I've got a great family behind me, they've helped shape me into becoming the person I am today. A bunch of people that I have the honour of calling my friends and consider them my extended family. My wonderful fiancée! She's always brought the best out of me and shown me that I should never settle for regualrity and always exceed my limits in life and personally. My friends are my supporters, thought provoking advisors and inspiration. They all possess wonderful qualities that just highlight who they are and have always set bars/ records and guidelines that have helped shaped me and my mindset to becoming and stronger! Lastly my family! To put it simply, where would I be without them? The wackiness, life's teaching and wisdom all wrapped up into a group of people whom I've been blessed to call my family!

I consider myself to be very blessed and humbled by this fortune and just wanted to take this moment in time to bookmark this moment in time of thought and reflection. I have no doubt that in the future these bonds will continue to grow stronger and create more memories to look back and smile upon!

Without Them We Would Never Be Complete ~ Family Quote

“There comes a point in your life when you realise who really matters, who really did and who always will”


Inspirational: How badly do you want to be successful?

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This is a great video I came across, it’s truly inspirational! This year I want to make a change, at work I’ve signed up to participate in the JPMorgan Challenge 5.6km run! I’m so excited to start training for it. Besides that, I’m also a keen gym enthusiast. I’ve just completed my 3 months bulking, and I’ve just almost 1/3 into my cutting phase. It’s videos and speeches like these that inspire/ motivate me to be the best that I can be, not only physically but also mentally, daily at work (basically everything!).

I know we all come across those days, moments or moods where we think we can’t do something or just put something on-hold for whatever reason! We temporarily lose sight of what our goal(s) are, which means we just sort of want to succeed, going for the videos below we’ve got to want to succeed as badly as breathing!

Let’s become greater now! Than we were 5 minutes ago!

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First Post of 2011

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A Happy Belated New Year to you all.

It really has been a long time since my last entry which was last November (almost three months!) Where does the time go? Just thought I’d let you all know how I’m getting along, especially with my career job hunt! I tell you now, it’s so difficult trying to land that perfect first job! Some people are fortunate enough to get it as soon as they leave uni. If only I was that lucky! But you know the saying, “what doesn’t kill you, can only make you stronger”. I’ve applied for so many jobs and I understand the difficulty graduates now face! I’m applying for junior web design/developer roles, and just started applying for intern positions as well. Reason for applying for junior roles, is so that I can get some experience under the belt whilst also building up a portfolio. Have I mentioned to you yet that my portfolio so far only consists of my final year projects I made in my final year at university.

This is the year of the hare on the Chinese Calendar, which just so happens to be my Chinese zodiac. Let’s hope that I can kick this year off to a fortunate start!

Wish me luck!

Graduate Recruitment Exhibition

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Hello Readers,

Today I went to the Graduate Recruitment Exhibition,  it’s a chance for graduates from all fields to meet employers from various companies offering graduate schemes that will provide you with experience, personal development and skills to apply to your job and use for future employment. If I’m not making enough sense, then perhaps this link will help:

My overall experience was very pleasant, I done research on the companies I was interested in and the programmes they offered. This prepping gave me a good sense of direction for how I wanted todays visit to go, instead of wondering aimlessly stall to stall like a strange person! I got to ask questions about the programmes and get a good feel for what it would be like to be an employee for that company, and let me tell was a good feeling.

For more tips on prepping for the Graduate Fair, please visit their link on how to prepare for the fair:

Today has made me even more determined to be the best I can be, and in the meantime, whilst my applications are pending. I’m going to apply for more jobs.

No harm in testing the waters now is there??? 😀

On a different note, besides job searching I have also been looking to at developing my current web programming i.e. JavaScript. I touched it lightly last year at uni but a semester of JavaScript isn’t going to be much useful and definately requires some self-time-investment. I don’t know which book to buy to work with. I was thinking about this book: What do you think?

Also, I’ve been looking at utilizing the use of Open Source CMS softwares which are Drupal and Joomla.

What is Joomla:

What is Drupal:

I want to investigate their impact on a typical web project and find out how it differs in terms of customization and site maintenance in comparison to hand-coding a whole site from the ground up. From my previous experience drawn from my gap year work placement, CMS’s definately make site content easy to maintain and update. As for customizations, it eventually became easy once I knew what I was doing!

On looking for website inspiration I just came across the Chanel website and take a look:

Ok the fragrance is beautiful (I have it) but the site is so clean and crisp. It gives off a very elegant and sharp look and feel! Something I’d definately want to achieve for my next site update, which is soon to come.

Thats all for now readers.

Thank you,


Come on Life!

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Hi Readers,

It definately has been a long time since I last posted. Let me start off first by telling you all that I’ve joing Linked In, you can find me here:

What is Linked In? – Click here to find out more.

Moving on, the search continues as I try to land myself a career. I’m constantly revamping my website and I just want to get my life out of this wondering abyss that I seem to be stuck in, which I’m sure many other graduates have fallen into. Talking about careers, I’ve just registered for the National Graduate Exhibition.

Click here to find out more about this exhibition.

Hopefully this will provide me with a lot of good advice and make some good connections, theirs also a CV clinic so you can have professionals look at your CV and they can help you improve the way you present yourself on paper (that should be very useful!!).

It’s early in the morning and I need to be in bed so that I can wake up tomorrow morning and get some more work done on my CV.

Goodnight all,


Long time, No post!

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Hi readers,

I haven’t made an entry in such a long time, probably because I haven’t had much to say or enough time to actually make a post! Nonetheless, I’m posting now! I have a new phone, the HTC Desire! Yes it rocks! I’m actually making my first post using it right now.

I made an unboxing video for it and failed quite terribly. I’m still deciding whether or not I should upload it onto Facebook.

Html 5 has been out due awhile and I still need to try it out, I’ve read great things about it..I just need to get gritty with it now!

Still doing some freelance work whilst working part-time! Oh the fun never stops!

This day been my small update! Hopefully by then I’ll have better content and have some review of some sort ready about the HTC Desire!

Goodnight world,


Time Flies!

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Wow! Just as my post title indicates! Time sure does fly! You’d think that after making a short film and typography on the subject, I’d be a little bit more appreciative about how I use it! :silly:

I got my university results last week and after four years of studying Media Technology and Kingston University, I came out with a 2.1. I’m very proud of my result as it’s a very respectable grade. I took pride in my work and I’m glad that I got a good result, although I was aiming for a First, but this goes to show that if you aim for the highest goal then only great results can be expected! Congratulations to everybody on the course! I’m very happy that you made it to the finish line as we all could not wish for this day to come although, thinking back to it now..I miss those days as I was so use to taking orders and being told what to do, whereas now I am now in the real world and will have to find my own path and set my own objectives.

With that said, here’s a poem I Googled on how Time Flies:

time flies
by Milton Handfield

Wednesday, May 06, 2009
Rated “PG” by the Author.

Time is a scarse commodity, that in so many ways,so often, is taken for granted. Cherish, enjoy and make the best of what you are given.

Time flies by so swiftly without making a sound
travelling on a course that no one can determine
moving even when we are asleep in the night
unravelling mysteries for the eyes to behold

some people watch  as it goes by
while others make provisions while the sun shines
the wise take heed and are aware
when others squander theirs and dont care

before you know it you are old and gray
reminiscing on the good  times you  had
or sitting in your rocking chair,  regreting the chances you didnt take
or   gramacing from aches and pain; from life’s jounrney
That we have travelled;

sometime i wonder why time flies so fast
but i can never come seem to produce an answer
only to realise that time is a master
ruling the old and the young, and everything else on the earth

Street Fighter: Legacy – Short Fan Film

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Yes, I know I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ve just been relaxing for a bit and completely forgot to blog! Well I guess it means I can write one CHUBBY post of an update (which I won’t do just yet 😛 ) but don’t worry..I promise to keep my blog better updated from now on.

Anyways, let me leave you with a video I found on Jessica Chobots’ blog and I just had to show it here too and show my admiration for this great short fan film 😀