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Jiu-Jitsu: Train for Life

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Jiu-Jitsu: Train for Life

Since I started training Gracie jiu-jitsu, my mind becomes more and more self-aware and humbled by this gentle art. This…

First week into Gracie Jiu Jitsu

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First week into Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Yes, after many delays and procrastinating I’ve finally taken the leap to learn Gracie Jiu Jitsu. This has long been…

Keep Calm and Ride Fixed

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Keep Calm and Ride Fixed

I was going through some freelance work earlier today and came across a poster that I made for my friend…

Lose fat and gain muscle

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One of our great listeners Kristina asked us a question “I’m training for a long endurance marathon but how do lose weight and gain muscle?”

One of her main concerns stems from her cardio workout, although she is losing fat, she is also worried that she may be decreasing her muscle mass from her cardio workouts.

I once heard in the gym that the best method to lose fat/ lose weight was to focus or weight/ strength training. I would mix it up at least 3 days for strength training and 2 days are active rest days doing cardio.

My reason for a more strength based approach for training towards a marathon is that when muscle training you will burn more fat and gain muscle and gather more benefits as opposed to a more cardio based program.

Calorie Burn
With a cardio workout you’d have to burn 3600 calories in order to burn one pound (0.45kg) of fat however to achieve this would mean having to spend a long time during cardio giving boredom a chance to set in. It’s also worth noting that prolonged cardio exercises lead to higher levels of cortisol being released by your body. What is cortisol? I hear you ask…well cortisol is the primary hormone that encourages lean muscle mass loss, thus creating a catabolic effect on your lean muscle mass. With strength training although you won’t burn as many calories during the workout the beauty begins to come through post workout since your body will still burn calories after your workout is completed.

Strength training and increased metabolism
This leads to increased metabolism as it receives a boost for up to 36 hours and as long as you maintain a strength weight/strength training program with some cardio training you increase your long-term metabolism.

Weight Training and Total Body Reshaping
Had to grab this from since I could not have phrased this any better:
“Another big benefit that weight traininghas over cardio training is that it will completely allow you to reshape your body. Cardio training generally will help you lose weight, however typically this weight loss is going to be a bit of a combination between fat and muscle; therefore what you’re left with is a smaller version of your current self.
When you are performing resistance training instead while following a hypocalorie diet, then you stand a better chance of losing strictly body fat, while helping to enhance the natural curves of your body.”

Stronger Core
Performing compound exercises such as squats and deadliest will increase your core strength. By strengthening your core you will help prevent back pain, compound exercises have shown results where they’ve improved the transfer of power from the arms to the legs thus enabling you to run faster.

Don’t Rule out Cardio
Just as the title says, don’t rule out cardio entirely from your workout as cardio training will improve your cardiovascular health.

You still have a year of training before the marathon Kristina. Why not give strength training a go with some light (not too light) cardio work, I believe after knowing this your dream isn’t much of a dream after all and you will still be able to gain lean muscle whilst losing body fat.


Back from Paris

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Hi All,

Another update from myself! Again there’s so much for me to tell and share with you all! First of all a colleague and I have finally kick started our very own podcast! You can get links to our podcasts from. Our Facebook page! So make sure you like us and you can also follow us on Twitter. A little bit of background to our podcast and how we got started! First of all Adam and I are great podcast listeners! (More so Adam than I) Adam was listening to The Joe Rogan Experience and one day he shared a link with me and from there we started to exchange podcast links ranging from design, motivation, entrepreneurial topics and so much more! This all snowballed and we decided to start our very own podcast and wanted to cover two topics primarily Design and Fitness! Although, I should add that we aren’t totally fixed to these two topics since we want to cover a wide spectrum of things that will help all of our listeners and encourage us all to better ourselves and each other! I believe that this will be another opportunity for us to learn from ourselves and each other!

From my our 3rd podcast you would’ve heard me go over my trip to Paris! This was a fixed gear cycling trip from London to Paris! I wasn’t able to join the gang for the first half of the trip since I had to attended my sisters graduation! There was a small drama play that almost caused me to miss the ferry and trip altogether since I missed my initial train to Newhaven Town! God was definitely keen for me to join the gang since I managed to clinch the time and board the ferry just by the skin of my teeth! Thanks for being patient guys and a special thanks and shout out to the Newhaven Town Transmarche ferry staff for allowing me to still board the ferry and still wearing a smile! After that small scare we we able to sleep on the ferry all the way to Dieppe! From Dieppe we rested for a couple hours from 4am-8am! We didn’t manage to set off at the time we initially wanted to but when we finally got started we were firing off on all cylinders! Zipping down Avenue Verte in a peloton like formation and switching front man every hour or so so that we had a different person breaking head wind allowing us. Through the ride into Paris I spent the majority of it riding at the back of the peloton as backstop. My role as backstop was to make sure that no one fell back from the queue and if someone was started to break off from the pack it would be my job to see how they were holding up and catch up to the next man ahead and ask them to relay a message all the way to the front man requesting him to take the speed down a little bit just to let the back man catch up with the rest of the pack.

The weather throughout the ride was absolutely beautiful! The sun was beaming down and we were grateful for any shade we managed to pass through and at the end of the journey we all caught suntans and strong tan lines! Although some of us had stronger tan lines than others! As you can see from the pic below my tan was very strong!


Cycling to Paris allowed us to see some of the most beautiful sights and cycle through the most scenic routes! The journey overall felt so surreal and I was in such a dream and amped up state I didn’t feel too fatigued! Only when we were climbing an incline! As a cyclist I feel like I’ve proven to myself that I am capable of reaching such distances and enduring whatever obstacles came my way! I’m so proud of everyone on this journey and I’m so glad that I was able to share in this brotherhood and experience! There was a strong unity amongst the pack and we all encouraged each other! I just can’t wait for next year and see where we’ll be cycling to next!

Stayed tuned for the next blog and instalment from me guys!



London to Windsor

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Hi Guys!

So a few weeks ago I joined went with a few friends on a cycling trip from London to Windsor Castle! The cycling ride from London to Windsor was about 30 miles which meant we’d be doing 60 miles in total for the ride back (obviously!).

I done the ride as a way to kick start my training for my July ride where I’d be cycling with the same group of buddies from London to Paris! Here’s a video that my good friend recommended for me to watch:

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LONDON TO PARIS (FULL VERSION) from Ladoja & Sons on Vimeo.

Back to the ride! Quite early into the trip I found each pedal beginning to become more challenging since I had just come back from Bulgaria and was still putting my body through a mini detox from the alcohol that was consumed during my time there. In addition to that, the day before the ride I decided to help my girlfriend with her workout routine and decided to do a mini squat – lunge – deadlift circuit this overall had an effect on my ride performance and felt the burn quite early on into the ride.

The weather was fairly warm with some crosswinds and we all know how annoying crosswinds can be! I began to slip from the group and worked at a reduced pace which I really hated since I knew I could cycle much more better and hold my own with the rest of the pack. Mikey and the others in my eyes were already veterans since they’ve all covered the London to Brighton distance as well as London to Paris! This trip nonetheless was one for training and I looked at it as a way to increase my endurance since it was my first long ride of the year. Throughout the ride I came across a lot of mental walls/ barriers there were times where it felt like I wanted to just slow down to a crawl and just take a 30 minute break but I wanted to prove to myself that I could push through and show myself that I could smash through the wall of limits and silence the voice of doubt in my head! 2 hours and something minutes later from London we all made it to Windsor! We couldn’t get into the castle itself since Princess Kate was there hogging all the space but we still managed to have a great time! We filled our appetite with a good ol’ fish and chips meal and went to a desert type diner where you could have a waffle and create your own toppings with any flavored frozen yoghurt! This would prove to be our Achilles heel on the ride back since it left some of the riders feel queasy to say the least!

In summary I was able to enjoy a great ride, make some new friends and get a good understanding on what I need to work on if I want to take my ride to Paris seriously and keep up with the guys! Since then I’ve purchased a Garmin Edge 810. I’ve moved from Endomondo and started to use Garmin Connect and Strava to track my cycling riding times, heart rate and soon to come cadence once I fit my new cranks.

Follow my Strava:
Follow my Garmin Connect:

Lastly, pay a visit to Mikey’s post on Fixed Gear London on his recollection of the ride:
Enjoy the pics! Most of the credit has to go to Mikey since he took most of the photos!

Safe riding, and enjoy the Bank Holiday.

Inspirational: How badly do you want to be successful?

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This is a great video I came across, it’s truly inspirational! This year I want to make a change, at work I’ve signed up to participate in the JPMorgan Challenge 5.6km run! I’m so excited to start training for it. Besides that, I’m also a keen gym enthusiast. I’ve just completed my 3 months bulking, and I’ve just almost 1/3 into my cutting phase. It’s videos and speeches like these that inspire/ motivate me to be the best that I can be, not only physically but also mentally, daily at work (basically everything!).

I know we all come across those days, moments or moods where we think we can’t do something or just put something on-hold for whatever reason! We temporarily lose sight of what our goal(s) are, which means we just sort of want to succeed, going for the videos below we’ve got to want to succeed as badly as breathing!

Let’s become greater now! Than we were 5 minutes ago!

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My Progress Report

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Well it’s coming to the end of my USN Body & Lifestyle challenge and I can definitely say that I’ve learnt a lot about myself and what I can really achieve with hard work and determination.

I’ve been able to lift a lot more weights, for example: in the beginning I was curling about 12 kgs on each arm, now I’m able to do 18 kgs in 6-7 reps and 3 sets!

Looking back so far I don’t want to sound to big headed or egotistic but looking back on how far I’ve journeyed I’ve continued to excel and improve my workouts! With the help of popular websites (will post soon!) YouTube fitness and bodybuilders such as Lee Hayward, Scott Herman and Rob Riches to name a few I’ve been able to progress and learn from these resources.

Nutrition has been somewhat difficult to maintain and I know I can do a better job. For the next three months it’s my goal to begin cutting and start sculpting away at my body fat and really get down to the core of my physique! I’m sooo excited! Throughout this stage I will try some new supplements from Optimum Nutrition and start a creative detox until the end of April.

Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll provide you with all of tue resources on sites and channels that I found to be informative and encouraging throughout my fitness regime!

All the best,

Rest & Injury!

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Hi All!

Yup! I know I haven’t made a post in a long time but rest assured that I have been going to the gym every working day, up until that fateful kickboxing class on 13/02/2012! One of the last drills was to do bag rotations so that all pairs would get to rotate around the room practicing combos on the boxing/ kick and speed bags! On one of these rotations I must’ve thrown an awkward hook which forced my wrist to bend in a awkward way! Almost immediately the pain struck me where I literally thought a bone was sticking out (thankfully that did not happen!) I like to soldier through these things so I continued with the class not letting the pain get to me.

The following morning the pain in my wrist was so intense it woke me up and I was unable to get back to my dreamland! I found that any movement with my wrist was impossible (not to mention painful!) and required a lot of effort to perform even the simplest of tasks like brushing my teeth! Since then, I’ve had my wrist massaged, but I’m still finding it difficult to flex my wrist and maintain an open palm in certain wrist flexes…so it looks like I may have to visit my GP and make sure everything is okay.

On the plus side, this has given me the chance to give my body a good rest from working out so that my muscles will relax and so when I get back to the gym they’ll be in for some shock treatment, thus allowing me to develop more in my fitness and physique! I guess there is a silver lining in every grey cloud!


Stay tuned for the next post readers!


Workout from 19/01/2012

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Ok so I finally found my USN Passport again, and found some good tips on how I can keep a good track of my progress for the upcoming 12 weeks. Before the challenge started I was already going to the gym using only the knowledge I got from P90x. Since starting the challenge in January, I’ve unveiled new found knowledge and determination. I’ve got a lot of support over at the gym I go to (Virgin Active Barbican) their staff are friendly and the classes (kickboxing, skiing and V-Core to name a few) are guaranteed to make you sweat and help you achieve the goals you need!

I mentioned before that I’ve unveiled new found knowledge and drive for my success, I’ve begun to take my workout and nutrition a lot more seriously and I’ve added structure to my workout in terms of targeting certain muscle on certain days of the week for my workouts as mentioned in my previous blog. Going to the gym I was able to curl about 14kgs for each arm and bench about 20kgs and ..those were the weights I stuck to with most of the workouts I done. Since implementing some creatine into the equation and maintaining a balanced diet, I’ve found that I can lift more at the gym and be more energetic outside the gym. I feel less lethargic, I’m more lively/ energetic (for those that already know me, you probably won’t notice the difference lol!) but most of all I feel better..healthier you might say!

Here is my workout from last Thursday (19/01/2012)

  • Deep squats – 3 sets 20kgs – 8 reps – on last set I pushed 30kgs;
  • Calf raises – 3 sets 30kgs – 8 reps;
  • Hamstring curls – 3 sets 20kgs – 8 reps – last set I curled 25kgs;
  • Lunges (with the barbell on shoulders) – 3 sets – 20kgs – 8 reps;
  • Leg extensions 3 sets 25kgs – 8 reps.

Most of these workouts are completely new to me and so I’m slowly working to increase the weights (if need be).

I’m playing catch-up really with my fitness updates, now that I know how to keep track at the end of every week I’ll aim to post something about my progress and workouts!


All the best!